Top Skills to have in the FMCG Sector

The FMCG sector is one of the most developing sectors.

FMCG hires Sales officer/ representatives, Area sales manager, sales personnel etc. Every company is going to hire the most talented and competent employees. FMCG companies provide a vast pool of job roles and positions. With this, there is a job for everyone with different and unique skill set.
There are certain skills that FMCG companies are looking for these days in their new recruits. We will be discussing some of the skills that you should pick up to have the winning edge.

Cross-Functional skills

Cross-functional knowledge of trade marketing, category and shopper would be very beneficial. Companies are interested in multi-disciplined candidates.

Conflict and stakeholder management

FMCG companies need employees to work on their conflict management skills. In a large organization, conflicts are bound to happen. Thus, it is necessary to develop and hone conflict management skills. For example, instead of sending an email to resolve a conflict, it is better to speak to the concerned person.

Real commercial exposure

Companies need employees who actually have some commercial exposure. More commercial exposure would mean more responsibility and consequently bigger salaries. Every business gives some commercial exposure. Get some exposure and then target the FMCG of their choice.


Traditional methods do not always work. Companies now focus on innovations and are open to new ideas to enter untapped markets. It is not necessary that whatever has worked in the past, will work now. So try to be open-minded in your approach to business and this quality might help you get the next big job.


One of the most important things a candidate should spend time on is on his or her personality. Your personality defines you. Personality has always been an important part of hiring in the FMCG market. It focuses on how you engage and interact with your customers.
Whether you are on the verge of starting a career in the FMCG sector or contemplating one, these five skills will give you the edge. So start working on these and stay miles ahead of the competition.

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