Testimonial 1

Mrs. X, Head of Talent Acquisition for a FMCG multinational: 

I had a challenge: I needed to fill an executive role in my organization, and I needed a candidate that was both technically sound and a cultural fit. That’s when I met with FMCG Search who supported me in finding the perfect candidate for the executive role.

One of the things I did was send out an email blast to all the relevant people in my network asking if they knew anyone who might be interested in applying for the position. I got a few responses (none of which were right), but one came from a colleague at another organization who had worked with FMCG Search before.

I reached out to them, and they quickly put together some profiles for the new hire based on their extensive knowledge of the market, their vast talent pool and their expertise in identifying candidates who would fit into my particular organization’s culture well. 

I was able to go through the profiles they sent and shortlisted two candidates, from which I was able to get the perfect candidate. My experience with FMCG Search was very professional and easy. Now I always reach out to them when I have any roles to fill.