Here is why you should stop using Generalist Recruitment Agencies

The dream of every organization is to successfully attract the right talent for business growth and sustainability which is why they employ the services of recruitment agencies to aid this process. Sadly, these organizations are faced with frustration from recruiters who do not understand the modalities around attracting A-list candidates in specific industries. For every top recruitment agency, many have a considerable gap to fill. Let me explain.

No Specialization
Recently, recruitment agencies have fallen short of providing useful talents that suit organizations’ needs by using outdated strategies to recruit these candidates. Generalist agencies do not hire recruitment consultants that have a background or experience in the specific industry. This means that clients will not have access to the best qualified candidate causing a major disadvantage to them.

Inbound Talent Recycling
The FMCG Industry is a difficult field to recruit for because only people considered “in the know” often are aware of what is required from each of the roles. FMCG language is specific to those in the industry, so if you’re working with a recruiter who sends you a Factory Manager instead of a Supply Chain Manager, then there could be problems.

Poor Access to Passive Candidates
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” – Will Durant
Instead of having a core focus on industry and generalizing, generalist agencies do not have a repetition activity. They don’t have their finger on the pulse on one specific industry, this way there is no time to learn about one sector and what it entails specifically.

A lack of specific and narrow focus means that generalist recruitment agencies will not have access to hard-to-reach talent. This could mean that clients will lose out on the opportunity to engage with exceptional talent.

Specialist recruitment agencies help you achieve the following:

1. Industry Expertise
An active specialist niche recruiter is one that is familiar with your industry and is up-to-date with the latest news and trends of your industry. This in-depth knowledge means that they also understand your business needs and will be able to target the right candidate and ensure they are the perfect fit for the role.

2. Deep Listening to Provide the most effective or best service
An active recruiter listens genuinely to the client’s needs and specifications and can effectively use this information to get the ideal talent. It is crucial for a recruiter to listen to you for what is unsaid and provide the client with their greatest expectation or even surpass it.

3. Exceptional Service Delivery
You can rely on an active agent to deliver within the timeframe in which was agreed. Quality is expected.

4. Personable and Approachable
This might not seem like a big deal at first, but a recruiter with an attractive approach will prove to be passionate about your business and its growth.

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