Dufil Gives Hope for the Nigerian Food Industry

Dufil Prima Foods, also known as De United Foods Industries Limited (maker of Indomie noodles) is currently the market leader in the noodles sub-sector.

A Manufacturing Sector Analyst, Ike Ibeabuchi mentioned that “Key success drivers are Nigeria’s demography, the rural-urban migration and changing consumer tastes”.

“You can do anything with 200 million people, half of who are under 30—obvious noodles consumers,” he said.

Dufil has a large customer base that has come to love the taste of its noodles. The company has had a long history in Nigeria. When it first produced Indomie in 1996, Nigerians protested, saying that the company was trying to make them eat worms. However, this perception soon changed.

Five years after, the company incorporated its Choba, Port Harcourt, plant. As of 2004, it was already producing one million cartons of Indomie per month.

With demand for its noodles rising, Dufil reached the production of one billion packs of Indomie noodles in 2010.

The company is today the leader in the industry, acquiring two production lines of Dangote Noodles Limited for N3.75 billion ($12.26 million) in November 2017.

Dufil also exports noodles to several markets, including the United States and Europe. Africans, especially Nigerians, in the Diaspora consume this product in large quantity. Little wonder why the company’s export to the United States alone reached about $30 million in 2013, said Deepak Singhal, chief executive officer of the company, at an event that year. Also around that year, it was gathered that Dufil was already a $600 million company.

A report by Euromonitor International said, “Fast food is expected to grow, driven by urbanisation and the increasingly rapid lifestyles of Nigerians …, given that the average age of Nigerian consumers is below 30 years,”.

Is Indomie Noodles part of your weekly diet and are you a significant consumer?