6 Steps to a New Employee Checklist

After the candidate has signed the offer letter, its time to focus on the onboarding. A new employee checklist is an essential tool for hiring managers if you want your new staff member to last.

Major requirements of an employee checklist

Not all new employees will have the same requirements. Design a comprehensive new hire checklist template that can be edited as needed.

Employee records checklist

An employee personal file includes both electronic and hardcopy records. These files must include personal data, such as next of kin and specific health conditions. Ensure that the data is up to date before the start date.

Employment contract

Check the accuracy of the employment contract. Make sure that the job description, job title, compensation, and benefits package is correct. Verify performance bonuses and commission targets if they apply. Confirm the terms of employment and termination conditions. 

New employee first-day checklist

Onboarding new employees begin the moment they walk through the door on their first day. That means that everything must be in place and there must be someone there to meet them as they arrive. It should be someone that the new hire has already met like the recruiter or anyone else who was on the hiring team. Seeing a familiar face makes it more comfortable and welcoming.


Take the new hire to their workstation when they arrive. Their workstation must be fully equipped and up and running. Have an agenda for the first day and a work schedule for the first week.


Once the new employee has put their personals safely in their workstation, take them on a tour of their direct working environment. While you’re doing that, introduce them to team members and direct line managers.

On the same day, send a welcoming email to the rest of the organization to introduce everyone to the new hire, detailing their role and department. Encourage staff to welcome the new employee. Also, invite the new hire to join relevant groups on social media or internal platforms.

At the end of the first day

Check-in with the new hire to see how their day went. Confirm that they have everything they need and also that they had an easy start with job responsibilities. If possible, check-in privately with team members to confirm that the new employee is comfortable and happy. If there are any red flags have them addressed immediately.


Your new hire is settled in and ready for their new role. In a year, the employee should be working at full-speed, be totally involved and they should be growing in the position.

Original Source: https://blog.recruitee.com/new-employee-checklist-candidate-experience/