5 Essential Qualities of an Extraordinary Leader

Leadership runs tthe gamut — extraordinary, great, good, bad, terrible and just awful.

To successfully lead requires a mix of innate and learned abilities that culminate in the ability to adapt in any setiting. Given the complexities of a global economy and challenges we’ve never seen before, successing requires extraordinaty leaders with an adaptive, inclusive approach.

Tried and true ways won’t cut it and today’s business landscape demands a new crop of leaders to flex differently to be succesful, otherwise, they’ll find themselves in the just awful category. Here are 5 Essential Qualities that make extraordinary leaders.

  1. They give clear communcation: The extraordinaty leaders all have two things in common, they are authentic and clear in how they communicate. As a leader, you never want staff or customers to think you aren’t on the up and up because once you lose their trust, it is difficult to regain .
  2. They don’t pick favorties: People want to know they’ve been treated fairly. A boss playing favorites wreaks havocs on team dynamics, fosters feelings of resentment and result in folks leaving the organization due to unfairness.
  3. They stay curious and open-minded: The worst type of leader is the know-it-all. They create an environment where they effectively cut off conversation, interrupt incessantly and kill the innovation vibe. When people are afraid to speak up for fear of getting cut down in front of the team, the know-it-all can inadvertently create an echo chamber as staff with differing ideas stop speaking up.
  4. They don’t try to be the hero: In basketball, there is a term called hero ball, where an individual player tries to be the team hero by taking and ultimately missing most of the shots. The problem with hero ball is the player doesn’t involve everyone which undercuts the team. An optimized team works toward a common goal, complements each others strengths and offsets each others weaknesses.
  5. They know how to laugh a little: Being an extraordinary leader isn’t easy. It’s stressful when all of the key decicions rest on your shoulders. Howver, a good sense of humor and laughter care contagious mood boosters. People wil smile back, laugh along with you and generally have an impoved outlook, even in the worst of times.